East District
"Your Voice For Our City"

Let me tell you why I’m excited for the opportunity to be a Brooklyn Park City Council Member: 

I’m a 16 year resident of Brooklyn Park who is running on a platform of “Prosperity and Equity” for All. I believe the two values go hand in hand towards creating a “more prosperous, safe, stable and engaged Brooklyn Park.”

You can be confident in choosing me to represent our city as I’ve been appointed by the current Brooklyn Park City Council to sit on both the city’s Human Rights Commission and Public Safety Task Force, and was appointed as a current member of Brooklyn Park’s Core Planning team.  I intend to use my experience, knowledge and leadership to create strong support for growth of new and existing businesses both small and large.  

My desire is to create more well-paying jobs; and a wide spectrum of housing options, including senior housing.  I also plan to help make Brooklyn Park a destination place by supporting development plans for available spaces and open land to create community centers, a variety of restaurants, and more retail, and entertainment venues. An advocate for strong schools, I am working to ensure all students have access to quality, equitable education for all segments of our student population.  I want my efforts to help ensure we retain all of these benefits and am working on many initiatives that make our city an even better place to live, work and play.

As an experienced business consultant I want to be an asset to the Council by offering fresh ideas, business strategies and the ability to drive actions towards real results.  Today, everyone is concerned about having opportunities for getting and retaining livable wage jobs.  My experience in the Career and Employment industry will allow me to make good decisions that promote jobs for our residents and businesses for our entrepreneurs.  As an involved member of organizations who support Brooklyn Park, I have an understanding of our needs and issues and can help get everyone engaged in supporting our city’s goals.

I’d like to ask for your support in voting for me at the General Election on November 8th.  In addition, I ask for your financial support to make it happen.  Please make a donation towards my campaign fund.

Reva Chamblis,
2016 Candidate,
Brooklyn Park City Council (East District)